Thumbnail_Single Cell Injection Deposition and Aspiration

Single Cell Injection, Deposition and Aspiration

One of the challenges in single cell biology is to address and manipulate single cells locally while being able to monitor their reaction after the manipulation. One possibility is to use glass pipettes with micromanipulators. However, this technique does not include any form of force feedback, and it is unforgiving if a cell is touched in the process - both the cell and the manipulator are easily damaged.

FluidFM is a flexible structure that features force control, making it possible to manipulate a cell without damaging it, even when coming into contact with the tool. This webinar will give an overview of the current research possibilities using FluidFM technology in the areas of single cell injection, extraction, and deposition, with sub-picoliter accuracy. You will learn about advantages of single cell manipulation compared to whole colony experiments.

The speakers cover applications like virus deposition, chemical stimulation of cells and tissues as well as injection into or extraction from single cells for enzyme activity assays or mass spectrometry.

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