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Nanosurf's team of application scientists is always working on creating new interesting measurements for the benefit of the users of Nanosurf atomic force microscopes. The application notes we publish are written and edited by our global team of AFM Experts to provide you with example results in an easy to ready format and enough theoretical context to help novice users understand more complex measurement methods.


Magnetic force microscopy (MFM)

Magnetic force microscopy (MFM) is one of the modes of scanning probe microscopy (SPM). As the name suggests, it is used for mapping magnetic properties. MFM probes local magnetic fields on the nanoscale, resulting in images that contain information on a sample’s localized magnetic properties including the mapping of magnetic domains and walls. It is primarily a qualitative, contrast-based technique and has been widely used to characterize magnetic storage media, superconductors, magnetic nanomaterials, and even biological systems.

In addition to single point measurement at localized regions of interest, maps of force curves are also possible. This enables the correlation of localized mechanical property information with topographical or other information obtained by the various imaging methods.

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