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Nanosurf at Industry-Leading Conferences: Showcasing the Power of the DriveAFM

Recently, we at Nanosurf had the privilege of participating in three significant industry events in the UK: the Graphene Conference, the Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference (MMC), and the Advanced Materials Show. Our delegation of experts, James Berwick, David Morgan, Héctor Corte-León, and Benjamin Titze, were thrilled to present our cutting-edge technology and interact with interested visitors.


Live AFM measurements at the Graphene Conference 2023Hector at graphene 2023_2

At the Graphene Conference, we showcased our DriveAFM, our flagship atomic force microscope designed for the discerning nano-researcher. The DriveAFM was not just on display; the team was performing live AFM measurements, providing attendees with the opportunity to see proof of the capabilities of our high-performance instrument. Running actual measurements at our booth allowed us to highlight the instrument's high-speed imaging, superior force sensitivity, and advanced measurement capabilities to attendees who want to experience first-hand what the DriveAFM can deliver. 



Presenting groundbreaking tech at MMC workshops

At MMC, we contributed to the scientific program with talks at two workshops. The first was on "Off-resonance AFM imaging mode with photothermal excitation," where we presented our groundbreaking off-resonance imaging mode - WaveMode. The second talk was on "Nanomechanical analysis with photothermally excited cantilevers," where we discussed the advantages of photothermal excitation off-resonance tapping in extracting mechanical properties. 

Attendees were invited to further discuss Nanosurf's technology at our booth, where we saw significant interest in our DriveAFM, in which the mentioned technologies find application, and the new Nanosurf Studio control software that users are finding intuitive and easy to use - "it takes the complexity out of the setup process and allows you to focus on your measurement", a visiting customer with some experience using the software remarked. 


Advanced Materials Show 2023

The Advanced Materials Show was the third event in the tightly packed schedule of the past weeks. This gathering was a fantastic opportunity to engage with professionals from various sectors, including the advanced materials and ceramics industries, giving our team the opportunity to show how easily the DriveAFM can be configured to the needs of a diverse audience. Another highlight was the chance to hear about the growing number of different applications for AFM and discussing new avenues of research with the attendees of this engaging event. 

Hector and James Graphene 2023
1 Hector and James Graphene 2023, next to the DriveAFM in an accoustic enclosure. Nanosurf studio can be seen running on the screen, showing data from a live measurement.
Hector at graphene 2023_2
Advanced Materials Show 2023 booth
3 Benjamin Titze and David Morgan at the Advanced Materials Show, eagerly awaiting visitors to show off Nanosurf's AFMs. 


We believe that these opportunities to engage with industry professionals and enthusiasts are invaluable in driving the development and application of nanotechnology.

We look forward to participating in more such events in the future and continuing to showcase our innovative technology. Stay tuned for more updates from Nanosurf!

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