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Launch of Nanosurf Insights

Today, we are excited to introduce Nanosurf Insights, our new platform for company news, technology updates, intriguing measurement images, case studies, and AFM stories. Here, you'll find a collection of valuable content, including application notes, videos, webinars, and more, all conveniently available in one place.

Nanosurf Insights replaces our quarterly newsletter, addressing the limitations of fixed publishing schedules, limited interactivity, and content lifespan. With our new platform, you can easily share articles with your network on LinkedIn or Twitter. The intuitive interface allows you to filter content by topic, ensuring you find exactly what interests you.

With Nanosurf Insights, you have the freedom to choose how often you receive notifications of new content, or you can explore the platform at your own convenience. Our advantage lies in delivering news immediately when it is fresh, while providing you with a centralized location for all our content—searchable, tagged, and ready when you need it.

You will also find a more content variety on Nanosurf Insights: it is our goal to provide truly valuable content, focusing on what moves the AFM community and nanotechnology and more generally. We will experiment with new formats, and continue to deliver the type of content that is already popular – including the highly popular series, “FridayAFM”.

FridayAFM – if you have not yet heard of it – is a series led by our Application Scientist Héctor Corte-León, presenting weekly AFM experiments in concise, image-based posts. This series, previously only published directly to social media, will now have a prominent home on Nanosurf Insights, allowing you to explore past editions with ease.

Check out Nanosurf Insights today. We launch with a small selection of current and past pieces, but will be growing the available content quickly. Subscribe now to be notified of new posts, or just drop in occasionally when you are feeling hungry for knowledge. Either way, we look forward to your visit. Happy reading, and we hope we can contribute to your AFM research!

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