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Since we launched WaveMode, interest in Nanosurf's new developments has been so significant that we are turning the early-access community into a permanent group for AFM pioneers and followers of Nanosurf who want to "be the first to know" (about everything relevant to the DriveAFM).

So - if you want to stay up to date, this club is for you. Benefit from being the first to hear news and learn about novel AFM modes and techniques before anyone else.

You will also receive preferred registration for small group live demos, and qualify for special offers and upgrade deals. We will keep you informed of current offerings.


WaveMode is the fastest force curve-based imaging mode with application to all samples and all environments and is available exclusively on the DriveAFM. It represents the first commercially available off-resonance mode that can use photothermal actuation of the cantilever – instead of the traditional piezoacoustic actuation – to enable fast, stable, and gentle imaging.

See how CleanDrive and WaveMode work

About DriveAFM: 

The DriveAFM was released in 2020 and is our flagship AFM platform. It combines atomic resolution, imaging capability from the atomic scale through 100 µm, full motorization, and fast scanning. With innovations in scanner design and optical beam path engineering, the DriveAFM offers superior research performance in both materials research and the biological sciences. 

Tip preservation

WaveMode allows gentle imaging conditions, even on challenging samples like the tip checker, a sample known to notoriously blunt the tip with its sharp edges. WaveMode overcomes these problems with its precise force control. WaveMode thus not only simplifies the imaging process but also helps to preserve the tip and thus extend its life-time.


TipCheck sample imaged at 4Hz line rate, 2.9 μm frame size, 90 nm color scale. The left and right images are the first and last images in a series of 20 images.

You can see the DriveAFM with WaveMode action at these events.

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