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Nanosurf's team of application scientists is always working on creating new interesting measurements for the benefit of the users of Nanosurf atomic force microscopes. The application notes we publish are written and edited by our global team of AFM Experts to provide you with example results in an easy to ready format and enough theoretical context to help novice users understand more complex measurement methods.

SMM dopant density

Determination of dopant density in Infineon SCM calibration sample by scanning microwave microscopy (SMM)

This application note is a follow up on a preceeding application note for SMM measurements of a capacitance standard sample. The present application note contains all neccesary information but the application note on SMM capacitance calibration can be used as additional reference.

In this application note we used SMM to study a silicon SCM calibration sample, made by Infineon, containing both types of dopants – n and p and a range of dopant densities between 41015 – 1020 cm-3 for both types with 10 distinct regions of densities for each type (20 regions in total).

For sample characterisation we have used two different SMM modes. First is the S11 measurement, where the microwave signal has only one frequency for the emmision and detection. This mode has been described in the application note on SMM measurements of capacitance standards. The second measurement is a so-called dS/dV measurement, which we will describe below.

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