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Nanosurf's team of application scientists is always working on creating new interesting measurements for the benefit of the users of Nanosurf atomic force microscopes. The application notes we publish are written and edited by our global team of AFM Experts to provide you with example results in an easy to ready format and enough theoretical context to help novice users understand more complex measurement methods.

Determination of dopant density in Infineon SCM calibration sample by SMM

This application note follows up on a previous note about Scanning Microwave Microscopy measurements of a capacitance standard sample. It focuses on using SMM to study a silicon SCM calibration sample from Infineon, containing both n and p-type dopants across a range of densities. The note details the use of two SMM modes: the S11 measurement and the dS/dV measurement. The S11 measurement is suitable for flat samples and is used for dopant density and dielectric constant measurements, while the dS/dV measurement, less affected by topography, provides information about dopant types through phase change.


Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding SMM's Application in Dopant Density Determination: Learn how SMM is used to study dopant densities in semiconductor samples, focusing on the capabilities of the S11 and dS/dV measurement modes.

  2. Exploring SMM Measurement Modes: Gain insights into the S11 measurement for dopant density and dielectric constant assessment, and the dS/dV measurement for identifying dopant types.

  3. Analyzing Semiconductor Samples with SMM: Understand the process of characterizing semiconductor samples using SMM, including the calibration procedure and interpretation of measurement data.

  4. Comparing SMM with Other Techniques: Recognize the advantages of SMM over other methods like Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy and Scanning Capacitance Microscopy in semiconductor analysis.

  5. Applying SMM in Semiconductor Research: Learn about the practical applications of SMM in semiconductor research, particularly in studying samples with varying dopant types and densities.


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