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Nanosurf's team of application scientists is always working on creating new interesting measurements for the benefit of the users of Nanosurf atomic force microscopes. The application notes we publish are written and edited by our global team of AFM Experts to provide you with example results in an easy to ready format and enough theoretical context to help novice users understand more complex measurement methods.


CleanDrive: Photothermal Excitation of the Cantilever

In 2021 Nanosurf introduced CleanDrive - a clean and reliable way to oscillate an AFM cantilever using photothermal excitation. CleanDrive uses a near IR 785 nm laser aimed at the base of the cantilever to deliver stable and robust excitation of the AFM cantilever. This is in addition to the 840 nm superluminescent diode light source used for detecting the cantilever deflection. The photothermal excitation of the cantilever provides significant improvement in AFM performance, stability, resolution, and usability, and is especially effective in liquid environments.

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