Alphacen 200 Drive

Your Wafers Analyzed

Based on our expertise designing industrial metrology systems, Nanosurf developed the Alphacen 200 Drive – an advanced AFM system engineered to meet the high demands of the semiconductor industry.

From unparalleled low-noise roughness analysis using WaveMode, to complex electrical characterization tasks with SMM, the Alphacen 200 Drive solves the challenges typically faced by semiconductor manufacturing and research.


  • Large sample system with flexure tip scanner capable of atomic resolution.
  • Highest measurement stability with CleanDrive photothermal excitation.
  • WaveMode: Fastest off-resonance imaging for reproducible and fast measurements.


  • Large scan range: 100 x 100 x 20 μm³.
  • Compatible with broad selection of nanoelectrical characterization methods (NEC), such as Nanosurf’s SMM solution.
  • Expandable functionality with accessories and software options.


  • Fully automated laser alignment and cantilever calibration.
  • Automated imaging on every region of interest within fully addressable XY sample area of 200 x 200 mm².
  • Accurate and consistent roughness measurements with WaveMode.
Gypsum atomic lattice_topography_DriveMount_xy 7.9 nm_z 330 pm

Atomic lattice resolution of gypsum crystal measured in liquid, dynamic mode. Image size: 8 x 8 nm²

Obtaining Highest Resolution with a Large Scanner

Thanks to the superior technology of the DriveAFM scan head, imaging at atomic resolution is possible, even on this large-stage system.
This powerful combination allows for the observation of feature sizes covering several orders of magnitude, making a wide variety of structures accessible for analysis.

Comparison WM-DM roughness

A) Time series of 10 h continuous RMS surface roughness measurements on a silicon wafer using WaveMode (WM) off-resonance tapping (red) and non-contact dynamic mode (NC) using CleanDrive photothermal excitation (black). The average surface roughness (±SD) correspond to 172±2 pm and 100±4 pm, respectively. First and last images of the WM (B, C) and NC mode (D, E) measurement series. Image size: 1 x 1 μm²; full z color scale: 1 nm (WM) and 0.7 nm (NC). All images were recorded at 5 Hz line rate with 500 px x 500 px resolution using WM0.6AuD (WM, 70 pN contact force) or USC-F1.2-k7.3 (NC, 2.8 nm free amplitude, 87% setpoint) cantilevers.


Gain Insight into the Local Nanoelectrical Properties

  • Obtain local capacitance, carrier density, resistance, conductivity, and dielectric constant.
  • Analyze sub-surface structures prevalent in modern multilayered integrated circuits.
  • Fastest time-to-results with Nanosurf’s in-house SMM solution.

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