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25 years of Nanosurf

Nanosurf has a special birthday this year - and we would like to celebrate it with you!

In June 4th 1997, the three founders decided SPM instruments are too cumbersome to use, and they went out and built the first STM that could fit comfortably on a coffee table - with room for a couple of cups of espresso to spare.

Today, in 2022 Nanosurf is a different company. While we haven't forgotten our roots, we have come a long way since this first technology innovation. We are no longer a startup but one of the major players in SPM with a solid product portfolio. Beyond educational AFMs we have the clear leadership in customized instruments that satisfy the demanding needs in research and industry applications.

Preliminary program

Thursday, 6th October | Congrex Congress Center Basel

25th Anniversary Scientific Symposium

Materials science

  • Talks by Liam Collins, Urs Staufer, Peter Gruetter
  • Materials science panel discussion

Life sciences

  • Talks by Orane Guillaume-Gentil, Robert Stark, Georg Fantner
  • Life sciences panel discussion

SPM in industry

  • Talks by Bernd Gotsmann, Frank Eisert, Felix Holzner
  • Industrial solutions panel discussion


    • Apéro
    • Explore Basle, make meaningful connections, enjoy yourself

Celebrate with us

To honor our history and collectively set our minds on the future, we would like to mark this quarter century with an Anniversary Scientific Symposium and the opportunity for select customers and friends of Nanosurf to look behind the scenes at our Liestal headquarters.

We want to round this off with an informal gettogether.

Friday, 7th October | Nanosurf, Liestal

Open house at Nanosurf HQ Liestal

  • Tour of production line
  • Tour of application labs
  • Demonstration of new software
  • Topical break-out sessions - stay tuned
  • Celebrate, and have fun!